Paul Geremia has played country blues on six and twelve string guitars, harmonica and piano for a very long time.

This site, in process, is a compendium of Paul’s audio and video work, critical reviews and news, as it unfolds.

read about Paul:

at Red House Records

at the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame, 2013 inductees

DIGGIN’ UNCLE SAM’S BACKYARD Forty-Five Years of the Real Folk Blues with
PAUL GEREMIA by Rick Bellaire

profiles, critical reviews


watch Paul perform 

Somethin’ Gotta’ Be Arranged, Geoff Adams’ 1983 film portrait of Paul. Made as a student film project, the documentary features a duo performance with Chicago bluesman Blind John Davis, garlic, eggs and an alternator.  It’s eighteen minutes very well spent



people, places, music

This site is being developed to rebuild the pages lovingly curated by Paul Toracinta,  who built both Paul Geremia’s discography and touring site and facebook page. Readers are able to add comments and updates at facebook, but the earlier site (paulgeremia.org) no longer exists.

blog posts – the blog side of this site invites your input.



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  1. Wonderful authentic documentary that I’m glad to have been made aware of. It certainly takes me back to my earlier days of hearing Paul. Some great moments in time and conversation too. The duet with Blind John Davis is as period-authentic as any piano-guitar duet from the 20’s & 30’s, and in my opinion, better that most.


  2. It was an absolute pleasure to have seen Paul perform live and experience his brilliance as a performer in such an intimate setting. He owned the room that night and he had the hearts and souls of everyone in the crowd in his pocket. His years of work with Red House Records are, by far, my favorite(s). “Skin Game”, “Silver City Bound”, etc…reminding us of times gone by. Hard times…the REAL blues of American history during the depression…and years before that. His music is literally a detailed narration and illustration of those uncertain times in our history. Each song is a page in those history lessons. A time we should all remember…and Paul has preserved that era with guitar mastery. I consider myself truly blessed to have been able to enjoy his music and passion all these years. I hope to hear more from you in the future, Paul! God speed to you and yours, sir!

    -Alan Rackemann
    Franklin, IN


  3. Just noticed through a “famous people’s birthdays website” called Bornglorious that today is Paul’s (and Queen Elizabeth’s and Clara Ward’s) birthday … So, happy birthday, Paul! … from a New England expat in the Blue Ridge Mts. of Va.

    (Before I moved south in ’94, I briefly accompanied the late Jim Bennet of Newport, R.I., on sea chantries and Irish drinking songs in a few saloons… He introduced me to Paul one afternoon when Paul brought Rosalie Sorrels to the antiquarian book store where Jim worked… Just a shopping/browsing friends-meet-friends visit, but for that hour or so, that room had more wisdom about American music traditions than most PhD ethnomusicology programs! Thanks for all you’ve preserved, created and shared)

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  4. Paul used to bring his vehicles around to me to have them welded up cuz usually they were older they had some rough problem so we would fix them well then put them back on the road and I’ll feed go wonderful guy my wife a dellisanti played with him many years ago and I played some harmonica with him just a great guy his dad was great to

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  5. As broadcast personality Johnnie Turner. I had the pleasure of Paul performing live in the studio for the Blues program “Crossroad Blues” on WNKU FM some time in the nineties.
    A wonderful performance by a talented and humble ambassador of FolkBlues.


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