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Jones, Oh Jones (Blind Blake/Paul Geremia) Elijah Wald (June 4, 2016)

Love my Stuff album review (2014)

Living Legend Paul Geremia House Concert, 4/21 (2013)

Still Playin’ the Blues (2012)

Paul Geremia is king of finger-style country blues, (2012)

review of Love My Stuff, (2011)

at Acoustic, Folk and Country Blues in the 21st century (2009) Paul Geremia

Blues Legend Springs Surprise Martin Show Paul Geremia – Acclaimed Country Blues Fingerpicker (May 30, 2009)

New England’s Paul Geremia  fingerpicks way from Providence River Delta to Oklahoma (2009)

Trial of the Road: Blues stalwart Paul Geremia stops in Tucson to play one of his frequent gigs (May, 2009)

When it comes to acoustic blues, Paul Geremia is a National Treasure (2007)

in the Providence Phoenix Spreading the roots (2003)

(restaurant review: ( the night we went, a blues artist by the name of Paul Geremia was performing,WOW ) 2003

Chris Smither with Paul Geremia, The Cedar Cultural Center, November 23, 2003

in More Blues Singers: Biographies of 50 Artists from the Later 20th Century by David Dicaire (2002)

The Mastery of an Intricate Art Form (2002)

Various artists Dealin’ With the Devil – The Songs of Robert Johnson (Cannonball Blues): (2001)

reviews of The Devil’s Music (released 1999)

review of Live from Uncle Sam’s Backyard (1997)

a profile by Chris Fisher (1995)

Interview with Elijah Wald,  ©1994 Elijah Wald (originally published in Blueswire) scroll down

in the Providence Sunday Journal (1982) Paul Geremia lives the blues

undated review of Hard Life Rocking Chair with bonus fish photo

undated profile:

undated: Paul Geremia profile on

a discography


bio on Artist Direct

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