about Paul’s stroke

Many many people have responded to Paul’s stroke with kindness and alacrity – with posts like this,  for example, from Todd Cambio at Fraulini Guitars.  Todd also made this beautiful replica of Willie McTell’s Tonk Brothers 12 string for auction in the fall of 2015 in support.

Other friends, up and down the line, have been helpful in many many ways – organizing concerts in the east, on the west coast and overseas, sending all manner of support – and we are deeply grateful. Visits, phone calls, messages – are all important in reminding us we’re not alone.  For these we are also deeply thankful.

The initial youcaring site has reached the end of its run, and so updates are posted here from time to time.  If anyone is able / inclined to send additional support to the paypal account, that link now lives here: paypal.me/gottabearranged. Ongoing caregiving is still needed so that Paul is with people we know and trust throughout the day when I’m at work.

As ever, there are good days and difficult ones.  The brain continues to be a mysterious machine.  It’s not clear in the up and down of healing and brain things what an extended future looks like.  For the moment, we mostly make each other laugh, except for when we don’t.

And that’s not a bad thing.  not at all.


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2 thoughts on “about Paul’s stroke

  1. Please give Paul our best. Booked him once in CT, met him intermittently, always loved the man & his music. Best wishes always –

    Rick & Lavinia Ross


  2. Just Heard and then played “I just Roll Along” today, One of the great songs EVER written for traveling musicians!!!!


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